The new control TX8i-s V8 - Ideally equipped for Industry 4.0

Easy operation, maximum flexibility with programming and absolute process reliability

Your advantages

  • Easy and quick creation as well as optimization of programs
  • Programming techniques on an external PC workstation or directly at the machine
  • Ergonomic control with 15" Multi-Touch-Display
  • Prepared for Industrie 4.0 as standard - easy integration of the machine 
  • Advanced and intelligent drive conecept
  • Extremely high reliability

Programming & optimizing

Quick and fleixble creation and optimization of programs 

  • Easy-to-use, interactive plain text-supported NC block input, extended DIN 66025 format
  • The graphic contour input via the TRAUB geometry processor facilitates the input in the case of incompletely dimensioned drawings by means of the clear, interactive guidance
  • Extensive canned cycles and functions
  • Predefined standard functions such as initialization or picking up/cutting off
  • Only few inputs are needed for a complete program section
  • Safe synchronization of multiple subsystems and parallel dynamic simulation
  • Easy toggling between interactive dialog and NC programming modes at any time when creating a program

Powerful milling packages

Machining strategies with the latest technology to reduce cycle times and tool paths through continuous engagement of the cutter. The time-chip volume is considerably increased. Increase of tool life through better use of the tool cutting edge and reduced tool load.

Easy and quick creation of NC programs.


  • Thread milling with MRC (conical and cylindrical)
  • Helical contour milling
  • Trochoidal milling
  • Streamline milling (spiral milling between two contours)
  • Torx milling (T6-T100)

Simulation & control

Graphical dynamic process simulation

Each input can be checked immediately in the simulation run. The simulation can be started at any position and run forward and backward. Even direct inputs and program optimization during the simulation run are possible.

3D-Simulation and collision detection in the machine or externally with WinFlexIPS Plus (Option):

  • Production-ready programs already during program creation
  • Step-by-step parallel programming and simulation posssible
  • Extremely easy synchronization of machining sequences including up to 4 subsystems
  • Cycle-time optimization already during programming
  • Planning and optimizing the setup procedure according to the real machine
  • 3D simulation and calculation collision check provide for additional safety

Setup, configuration & operation

The configuration and setup functions must be optimally supported by the control. This offers decisive potentials for improvement, which have a significant effect on the machine`s productivity. The TRAUB TX8i-s V8 control ideally provides you with the required support. For example in tool gauging with optical TRAUB ATC.

  • Clear representation of programs, axis positions and machine states
  • Extensive program test funktions (dry run, graphical simulation, direct entry, setup)
  • Safe input and correction of tool data
  • Reduction of setup times through object-oriented setup dialogs

Tool- & collision monitoring

Elektronischer Schnellrückzug

Electronic quick retraction - 

  • Minimizes demage to the machine
  • active counter control in case of malfunction
  • Respond time in the millisecond range by intelligent servo amplifier


Tool monitoring TRAUB AWUE (option)

  • Highly sensitive tool breakage and tool wear monitoring
  • No additional sensors required
  • Easy-to-use, for example, through automatic generation of limiting curves 
  • Live monitoring - Any deviations of the acutal monitoring from the learning curve are displayed live

Fit for Industry 4.0

Paperless production

With TRAUB Remote-Access and TRAUB Messenger (Option) you are always optimally informed about the actual status of the turning machine.

Retrieve and view the current machine status and view the control screen by TRAUB remote access on your tablet or smartphone

With the TRAUB Messenger you get automatic notification at defined machine states by email.

Standard functions and interfaces available in the control enable easy integration of the machine in the production evironment. You have access to production information and custom applicaions that are displayed directly on the control screen.

Functions for Industry 4.0

Integrated browser for web applications as standard

Remote Access display on tablet/smartphones 
Display/control of applications via VNC

Configuartion information / setup sheet

Workpiece drawings

Job documentation, display of production information

Custom documents

Instructions & function documentation

Note feature, for example, for stroring information

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TX8i-s V7 control - i4.0 ready
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